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Nadaa Hyder is a Canadian artist who presents fragmented and distorted human portraits that share an emotional rawness. Drawing on the concepts of life, death and decay, Hyder’s process is rooted in observing the human body and studying anatomical structures and cadavers.

Born in Kuwait and raised Pakistani, she immigrated to Canada as an adolescent and now resides in the west of Ireland. Her personal outlook and artistic practice continue to be shaped by her interest in immersing in various cultures. An OCAD University graduate majoring in sculpture [2011], Hyder was fortunate to spend an academic year [2009-2010] working and studying in Italy through OCAD U’s Florence Exchange Program. Her main focus lies in bronze and plaster sculpture, but she often works in various media including wax, india ink, watercolour, paper, fibre, graphic illustration, and more. 

With their exaggerated features and poses, Hyder’s figures elicit a visceral, albeit subtle, reaction; while encouraging the viewer to apply their own narrative to the artwork. Her life size bronze sculpture, standing man (figure no. 3), has received recognition and been shown in notable settings such as the Sculptors Society of Canada and the Aga Khan Museum Garden.

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